March 28, 2019

Twenty Eighteen


Twenty eighteen was an incredible year to me, full of many exciting creative projects, weddings, couple sessions, editorials and family shoots. I started the season with the intention to find my own way to capture the beauty of weddings. I got rid a of the conventional shot lists and tried to find my own style and visual language. Accepting the fact that the way I see is constantly changing was part of this journey. The biggest conclusion of the year was that I must stop chasing consistency to the point when the sets loose their character. Every wedding is different and so, I must honour it with the way I approach it.

This year was also about friendships and relationships for me. I got to work with many many couples who gave me so much trust and appreciation. Running my own business can be hard work, long hours, a lot of responsibility but when I looks back my photography journey I always realise how many friendships I've gained in the last few years.
I also would like to thank to the fellow photographers, stylists, designers, artisans who I worked with in 2018. Seeing how they worked helped me a lot to find my own path in wedding photography. Being a wedding photographer can be a very lonely job and there's a lot of unnecessery competition and fight in the industry, so I'm really grateful for everybody who was open to friendly collaborations last year.

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