May 15, 2018

Alex + Jake /// Pre-wedding Session in Kimmeridge, Dorset

Pre-Wedding & Couples

I know, it's kinda boring now how much I write about the importance of pre-wedding sessions, but seriously, they are so incredibly beneficial!

Alex and Jake are getting married in August. Before this session we'd only had the chance to chat via facetime, which is fine, don't get me wrong, but meeting in person is always better whenever it's possible.

Being in front of the camera is not easy. Very few people enjoy it straight away. I don't particularly enjoy it either and I think hard posing makes it even harder. Genuine smiles look great on camera. Not genuine anything looks horrible! So, what do I do? Nothing special. I always look for good light, a nice backdrop, etc and ask them to stand or sit there. And we chat. Then I'd ask them to walk towards me or give each other a big bear hug. Easy. Sometimes I correct things, but the base is always their natural way to connect.

It's so not as painful as it looks like.

And of course, after the session, when we have way more time to chat about the details of their upcoming wedding compared to how much we'd have over the phone, we usually walk home with some great images but more importantly with a bond between us. And it's great. It makes life so much easier for both parties. Because after all, without over-phrasing our role, it's crucial to be on the same page with your wedding photographer as she/he'll be with you longer than any other vendor on the big day.