September 14, 2018

Jen + Sam /// Pre-Wedding Session in Seatown

Pre-Wedding & Couples

Last Sunday I went to the beautiful Seatown, near Bridport to shoot Jen and Sam's pre-wedding session. A couple of days before the session, we looked at the weather forecast and because it looked fairly sunny, we decided to try and shoot during golden hour. I totally got the time wrong, so I got there an hour earlier and was way too sunny for my linking, but by the time they arrived a big black cloud appeared on the sky and filtered the strong orange sunset. The light what it produced was really special, warm but diffused at the same time. We were shooting until the sun went down, and I have to say the whole thing just got better and better as we were heading into the night. 

Jen and Sam were really sweet and super cuddly, and I love couples like them, I didn't bother them with too much posing as they were so into each other, I thought it's much better repeating something genuine than bossing around them and setup poses. It was a great practice and we got to chat a little bit, which is always great before the wedding day.